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eamli & IBM Cloud Pak - data-driven decision making

The UK Government now has the holistic data needed to make decisions aligned to achieve big-picture objectives. Millions of procurement expenditure can be saved and re-deployed with better augments and informed decision making gained in the process, benefiting both leadership and delivery teams.

The problem

The UK Government department has many complex objectives to be taken into account with every long-term procurement decision it makes.

Before eamli and IBM Cloud Pak, procurement decisions were largely guided by desktop analysis and the experience of team members. It was a time-consuming approach. And it didn’t provide people with much certainty. Due to the trillions of factors and permutations involved, people needed help to consistently make optimal decisions that help them achieve their objectives.

The solution

eamli and the IBM Cloud Pak provided data-backed insights to remove the complexity and uncertainty that came with decision-making. Procurement teams now had a powerful decision-intelligence tool to help them make their budgets go further. eamli ensured every decision supported objectives, both short and long-term.

Gaining deep insights this powerful used to take weeks to obtain but now departments have data-backed insights in seconds. By sourcing existing data from multiple sources on to one cloud-based platform, eamli used a combination of multi-criteria decisions-analysis, Monte-Carlo simulations, and machine learning to identify the most effective procurement decisions and the impact each one will have.

The outcome

eamli and the IBM Cloud Pak are extensible, meaning other top-level budgets within the UK Government department can move their data and procurement decisions onto the platform, helping the entire Ministry make smarter procurement decisions that take them closer to achieving their objectives.

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