Optimise decisions for better outcomes

Use AI-powered simulations to test decisions and see the outcomes they have on your big-picture objectives
eamli & IBM - A New Decision Making Revolution

eamli is a decision-intelligence cartridge that integrates key infrastructure and user experience service from IBM’s Automation Foundation. Now organisations can achieve optimal outcomes by answering every “What if?” question. Simply state your objectives and eamli shows you which decisions help you achieve them.


The eamli Advantage

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How eamli utilises the services in IBM’s Automation Foundation

eamli collects trillions of pieces of relevant information from multiple agencies and uses the embedded components of the Automation Foundation to ingest customer data (via connectors). eamli then automates the decision intelligence process and creates automated event-driven actions based on the decisions reached.

Enterprises now have access to a powerful data-driven decision engine to optimise decision-making for Project, Portfolio and Programme deliveries. eamli keeps users proactive with automatic notifications, alerting them to any material changes that have a negative/positive impact on business objectives.

Companies can also better predict decisions and the future impact they could have across their entire portfolio.

How this partnership revolutionises decision-making for good

Powered by Automation Foundation services, eamli can learn the objectives that matter to you so that it can help you achieve them. By analyzing your past – and trillions of external factors – it models the future to give you data-backed insights. Now you can make informed decisions knowing the impact they will have.

Making decisions used to take hours of researching spreadsheets, reports, and seeking analyst advice. With eamli, the insights you need are at your fingertips. You can even work in reverse by setting a desired outcome and eamli will present you with the many ways you can take action to achieve it.

If you wish to explore suggestions, you can. It isn’t a black box: with a holistic view of your data, you can see the reasons behind each suggestion to validate every decision you make.
Use Case

How this partnership supports public sectors

Covid-19 caused major disruption to services, policies and intervention programmes. The UK Government’s spending is set to top £1 trillion this year, a £200 billion+ increase on last year. With the demand for value for money as well as sustainability goals to achieve... decision-makers are under pressure more than ever as they will be judged on the outcome of every decision.

eamli and IBM’s Cloud Pak lifts the weight off people’s shoulders by removing the overwhelming complexity that comes with every decision.

Now public sectors have a tool to accelerate decision-making while giving them full clarity and confidence that every decision is aligned with their values and big-picture objectives.

What’s good for the decision-maker is good for the organisation too, as it will reveal what works and what doesn’t. Organisations now have a great opportunity to identify, share and repeat processes that work to achieve more with their budget.

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